NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS for 12, 18, or 24 months, with no effect on your credit score!

Financing for your installations, replacements, and repairs is easy with Senco. We believe that your experience with us should be affordable and transparent. Learn more about our home improvement loans or calculate your monthly loan payment by clicking below.

  • Rates starting at 4.99%
  • Terms up to 15 years
  • Borrow up to $100,000
  • Soft credit pull won’t affect your credit
  • No prepayment penalties or hidden costs
  • No credit card

Calculate Your Monthly Loan Payments

We make applying for a home improvement loan quick and painless.
Financing through a quality lending partner like PowerPay allows for a quick and easy application process that you can do entirely from the comfort of your home. With near-instant approvals on home improvement loans up to $100,000, using financing can help you complete your home improvement projects with low and affordable monthly payments. *Actual rate may vary depending on your credit score. Calculator is for estimation purposes only.

About Our Loans

Make your next project affordable!

With Senco, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

We make the loan process simple with plenty of benefits.
Whether it’s due to unexpected circumstances, a home investment, or standard upkeep and renovation, major home improvement projects come with hefty price tags. Financing a project with a home improvement loan makes it possible for you to afford high-quality services without the perry of large upfront costs.

Obtaining a home improvement loan for a roof replacement or other home repair project through your contractor is an excellent financing option. With a quick and easy application process, near-instant approvals, and low rates, a completed project and peace of mind are within reach.

The Benefits of Financing Your Next Project

You don’t need to worry about extra fees or prepayment penalties with PowerPay.

PowerPay provides loan terms of up to 15 years to help homeowners afford the repairs they need today. Plus, they will never penalize you for paying your loans back sooner than the terms of the loan agreement.

The flexibility allowed by PowerPay provides you with the comfort and safety of knowing that the repayment is up to you. You have time built in to pay your loan back slowly, as well as the option to pay it back sooner if you want to free up funds for the future, all without the fear of added fees or penalties.

Popular Loans

Roofing Loans
Replacement or Repair | Asphalt, Tile, Metal, & Slate Roofs
A roof replacement is a major, but necessary home improvement project. The most common roof repair is a full replacement for a leaky or damaged roof. Postponing a much-needed roof replacement will only lead to additional costs down the line.
Interior Remodeling Loans
Renovations & Remodels | New Rooms & Additions
Remodel any room in your home from your basement all the way up to your attic. Need more space? Make building an addition affordable with home improvement financing.
Window & Door Loans
Replace & Upgrade | Windows, Doors, & Sliders

Improve your insulation and get better natural lighting with new windows and doors from any manufacturer. Reduce your energy costs and let the light in!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of an asphalt shingle roof?

Most homeowners pay between $8,000 and $9,000 dollars for a new asphalt shingle roof. The exact price varies depending on the current cost of materials and the size of your home.

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