Is It Time to Call the Local Window Company?

Your windows are essential to protecting and preserving the look of your home.  But no matter how good your windows are, they can’t last forever. Home windows typically last 15-20 years, so if you’ve been in your house for a while and never replaced your windows, now might be the time to call your local contractor and window company, Senco Home Services! Our team is on a mission to keep every part of your home in great shape, and that includes your windows.


But how do you know if you need new windows? Here are three signs to look out for.


Visible Damage

This is the most obvious sign that you need new windows. Broken windows can happen because of an accident, like the lawnmower throwing a rock into the window. But there are other reasons, including extreme weather, age, or poor installation, that can cause broken windows. You always want to replace broken windows as soon as possible. They not only let heat escape from your home, but they also pose a security risk.


Drafts or Condensation

Drafts are a sign that your windows aren’t sealing properly when they are closed. If a room in your house feels drafty, close the windows and then put your hand where the frame meets the sash. If you can feel air coming through, that’s the cause of your draft. Condensation on the inside of your windows or between the panes is also a sign that air is getting through where it shouldn’t be.


Noise from Outside

You may not have thought about it, but your windows block a lot of noise from the outside. If you’ve noticed that your neighbors are louder than they used to be, it could be your windows. If you have older windows, they do not block the noise as well as modern double- or triple-pane windows. The additional insulation not only helps control the temperature in your home but also lowers the noise level from outside.


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Need a window company? Call Senco Home Services!

Whether you want to replace every window in your home or just a few, Senco Home Services has you covered. We use the highest quality windows from top manufacturers to ensure that your home is comfortable and looks great. We’ll even make sure that your new windows blend right in if you have an older home. Not every window company can say they do that!


Contact us at (978) 647-3626 for window and door replacements and other home services!

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